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  E N G L I S H (gel nails)

Estrada Studio

Opened in 2005, Estrada Studio nail salon has grown into a professional and renowned business. Where we welcome each and every customer with our friendly and positive attitude. Our commitment to quality and service ensure our customers a great value and our comfortable, relaxed atmosphere is designed to make you feel special.
In Estrada Studio we are building our business on ongoing education of our employees, high quality and pleasant atmosphere.
Vision and mission of our company
To stay one of the leading in this branch, to expand beyond Slovenian borders and to pass knowledge to others. Our mission is, for our customers to leave our salons happy and satisfied. To have nails which stand out and are proud owners of nails made by Estrada Studio.
About Barbara Glavnik
Manager and nail stylist, Barbara Glavnik engineer of Multimedia, has unknowingly walked from the world of media, PR, acting, music, television into the world of cosmetics. She is one of the best known nail stylists in Slovenia and an owner of two most successful nail salons in the country. She is upgrading her knowledge in European capitals of which her most favorite is London. In 2006 she was awarded second place in international competition in the field of gel technique. As business owner, she is open for business proposals and collaborations. In the near future she is planing to extend her business beyond Slovenian borders.
Styling nails as an art
''Nails for a nail stylist are the same as a blank canvas is for an artist. Nails are tools for expressing yourself. Inspiration, the feeling for beauty and art, make nails magical, which have their own energy and are one of a kind. After finished work, the nail stylist and a customer have to be proud of the work of art. It is not difficult to paint a painting, but it takes a true artist to paint a painting which is different from all the others, the one which people notice and feel its energy. It is the same with nails. '' Barbara Glavnik
When we are making, extending nails without the nail art, they are very natural looking, but when we paint on them, using our inspiration and customers wishes, they become a piece of art. Nail styling can be a meditation, an exchange of useful information and an artistic expression. Our goal is, for each customer to feel like at home and to be happy, satisfied with her nails for a month.
We can take pride in a fact that a lot of women who want to have quality nails, are visiting our salon. Among them are famous and powerful business women. We can guarantee VIP hours and treatment to our customers.
Gel nails don't demand any special care and can handle everyday situations which may arise. Nails stay in a good condition from 3 to 6 weeks, without taking extra care of them. The lenght of your natural nails is not important for extension. They can be longer and beautiful or short and fragile. For all customers who are still sceptical, we recommend to gel only your natural nails, without the use of extensions; therefore your nails will be stronger and won't split or break.
In ninety minutes we make gel nails with different techniques and variety of quality materials; therefore our nails are thin and natural looking. Our nail technicians also take a special care in sanitizing work area and tools after every customer, making sure to avoid all kind of nail related diseases. We have made ongoing education and professionalism our priority, so you will find our services customized to meet your individual needs.
Barbara about her work

»Styling, doing nails is bringing me a great joy and I am making them with a lot of pleasure. I give my best to each customer. Taking a great care for natural nails to stay undamaged. After a consultation with a customer,I recommend the most appropriate technique and gel for her.
I am a perfectionist when it comes to nail styling. I try to be the best. I am making nails most of all because the work itself brings me joy and because of communication with pleasant customers. My work represents fun to me

Education - Nail courses
Barbara is also giving nail courses in styling, extending nails with silk, gel and plastic nail tips. Nail courses are taking place in a positive atmosphere, under professional supervision. Barbara is selflessly giving her knowledge, which she learned and got throughout the years and the result is that all the women who attended her courses are good nail stylists. 

Our service is very popular; therefore we may be booked up to 3 weeks. If you need to cancel or change your appointment, we appreciate at least 24 hours notice.

 If you have a proposal for business collaboration or if you need additional information, you can contact Barbara via e mail or by phone 0038640747313
Business Hours
Monday - Saturday: 8 AM - 8 PM
Closed Sundays and Holidays
Location 1                Topniška 35 b, Ljubljana
040 366 694
040 747 313
041 689 796
Location 2
Ljubljanska cesta 102, Domžale
040 747 313
041 689 796

Costumers about us:

Beautiful and well kept hands are a reflection of a woman's elegance. In this busy time we are always on the go, so therefore the decision to have the nails done in Estrada Studio is a good investment, which pays off by saved time and as well as with a good satisfying feeling over a finished result. Congratulations to Barbara and keep the good work! 
mag. Beata L.Niewada, wholesales manager, Avto Aktiv Intermercatus d.o.o.

The first thing i notice on people are their hands. I think it is important how well kept the nails are, because they say a lot about the person. I was taking care of my nails by myself for a long time, because i don't trust just anyone. When i got a recommendation from a friend of mine Nina Osenar, who i trust, I was convinced of Barbara's ability. I am satisfied with her and her work, but saying that doesn't do the real justice. I wouldn't trade her for anyone else. Thank you Barbi!
Ljubinka √êokič, model
Nails done in the latest fashion and in a record time, in a pleasant company and long lasting nails. Literally CRAZY and worth every tolar!!! Barby keep going like that! Praises to you!
Teja Setničar,  manager in model agency
Hands and nails are the first thing i notice on people, so therefore it is important for me to have beautiful and well kept nails. Barbara helps me with that and she is the best!
Nina Osenar, actor, singer, model
Ever since my childhood I am having a bad habit of biting my nails while reading some exciting book. That is why I was always hiding my hands at work, so nobody would notice them. All those guys who were teasing me, that the only thing I need to be a perfect lady are beautiful nails, went on my nerves. Until i met Barbara, who didn't only give me beautiful, well kept nails, but she also gave me a friendship.Warmly recommending!
As. dr. Andreja Kuliš, DDS., specialist for prosthetik and implantology